Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a wonderful morning that we had with the Jenkins family celebrating our great country! We started out with the parade. The mayor always "gets" to ride in the parade. This year we were in a beautiful horse pulled wagon. Luke and Abigail got to ride with us and throw out candy. They were having so much fun throwing the candy, they didn't even realize that they were not the ones collecting the candy. Afterwards we came back to our home and had our traditional breakfast of breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit. We celebrate this holiday with Jay's brothers and sister and all of their families. I love all of the great traditions!

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd is just as exciting to those of us who are from Plain City as Christmas is. We start the Patriotic Holiday off with a bar b que on the 3rd, followed by fireworks. We now play it safe and have only a Utah legal show, no more of the super Wyoming fireworks. Always a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's for those who want. Parents have to stay with children. Abigail was sure she did not like the noise and spent most of the evening in the house with Beau. Adam curled up tight to his Dad and did not move. Carly was delighted with the sights and sounds and clapped and giggled. Luke had a blast with so many extended cousins around.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is the sign that we found on our picnic table in the campground that we stayed in with Jay's brother Glen and his wife Marie. I am sure glad that they invited us to stay in their beautiful trailor instead of outside. We went up above the quaint little town of Oakley Utah. We had a great time visiting and Jay and Glen are the mighty fishermen. Thanks for the invite, we a wonderful time and enjoyed the absolute beauty.