Monday, September 7, 2009

The close to a really great summer. Labor Day was a wonderful day to spend with family. We had a swim/dutch oven pary. The food was yummy thanks to Jay and Jed. Do you think Carly liked the watermelon best?

Here is Adam having a jump on the tramp.

Working hard on lunch.

Grandma Great Dixie enjoying the afternoon.

Shannon and my niece Abby just taking it all in.

Luke jr learning to throw a frisbee.

Working hard at lunch along with a lot chatting.

Carly did not want to stand up for the nude photo that she would really hate when she turns 16.

Adam thinking he was done with the swimming part of the party.

What can I say, but here is happy Mr. Beau Jangles.

Do you think with the look in Luke's eye he is wondering if he can get away with dunking his baby sister. Oh how I love to spend time with my family that I love so much. We sure missed Luke and Lisa, but they were away in Montanna hoping to find a home. It certainly has been a great summer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brent's release date is December 18th. The time has gone so quickly, it is shocking. Last month he was made AP. He is very, very busy, he loves his companion, says he is a great guy. The pictures posted below are of the one thing he wanted to do before he left the country. I don't know what this boy was thinking!!! Yes, that is a fried tarantula that Bub ate. You can buy them at every corner convenience store along with any other fried insect you might take a fancy to. If this is the kind of food they eat over there, no wonder he looks a little thinner to me, maybe I ought to go and live there for a while, I know I would rather go hungry than eat insects. Crazy boy!