Saturday, February 21, 2009

Once a month Jay's siblings get together for dinner. Each has a turn to host. They can pick the restaurant of their choice or have it at their own home. Tonight we went to his sister Sue's home. She fixed a wonderful dinner that we all ate too much of. The conversation ALWAYS turns to politics, church and the "good old days". We laugh over the same stories that have been told for at least the last almost 30 years that I have been a part of this family. This is a great family that I am grateful to part of. I love you all!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

This was our Valentine that we sent to Uncle Bub so far away in Cambodia. We wanted to make sure that he knows who we are and how much we love him even though some of us have not met him yet. We can hardly wait to see him and for him to see us. We love him so much. We do love you Uncle Bub!

I am a little slow when it comes to blogging, some of you have pointed this out to me. So here is a new post or two.

A couple of weekends ago Jay and I drove up to visit my sister and her husband in Thatcher Idaho. They have a great place there. Jay was in 7th heaven. Mark has his own gun range in his own back yard. Mark has a shed with a wood burning stove so they could come in, get warm, reload their guns, have a cup of hot chocolate and head back outside to shoot. So, if we ever move again, you will find that we have moved in with Marilyn and Mark.