Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanks to my dear sweet niece Natalie (Nate's wife), I now have pictures of Grandma Dixie's 75th surprise birthday party. THANKS SO MUCH NATALIE! Grandma was pretty surprised.
It's good we had just the two candles, I am not sure she could have blown at 75 individual ones.

Here is Grandma Great Dixie holding her newest great grandbaby, Jackson (Dustin and Natalie's little guy).

Jed and Shannon, Ben and Meg and Jess were able to be their with us from my family.

Monday, October 19, 2009

We had a really great surprise 75th birthday party for Grandma Dixie at Maddox. It is really sad that I didn't check my batteries in my camera before I left the house. I only got a couple of pictures before they completely died. Grandma Dixie, both of my sisters, all of mom's grandchildren that live in the state (10) and their spouses. It took some real effort to keep it a secret, but we did it. I am so grateful for such a wonderful mother and hope she has many more birthdays to spend with us.
A favorite thing for me is a Fall picnic. It is the best time of year. We had a great afternoon at a fun park where we ate pizza, hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Afterwards we went and picked out pumpkins at a fruit stand. It really doesn't matter what I get to do, it is just my favorite thing to be with my family and especially grandkids. Luke